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The Hand Surgical Consultation

The initial consultation usually takes about half an hour. If the problem is complex a second appointment may be necessary. It is best to allow time for a possible same-day referral to the on-site hand therapists or radiologists.

A thorough examination of the hand will be made, and the abnormal findings pointed out to you. You will receive, in layman’s terms, a detailed explanation of the problem. Possible treatment options will be discussed, and Dr Rider will give his recommendation on the best course to follow. If hand surgery is proposed, the aim, likely benefits, length of hand therapy, effect on ability to work, and possible complications will all be discussed.

The service includes referral to and liaison with hand therapists, follow up visits and dressings, and communication with GPs and insurers.

Please bring all x-ray films (not just the report), and any other investigations you have.

Secretaries Lisa and Maria epitomise efficiency with a smile, and will help you navigate insurance and WorkCover bureaucracy.

Questions to ask about hand surgery

It's OK to bring a list of questions: