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Fairfield Hand Clinic (SW Sydney Hand Centre)

About the Hand Clinic

SW Sydney Hand Centre ("Fairfield Hand Clinic") provides the regional hand surgery service for all of SW Sydney (excepting Bankstown which offer their own service). This clinic manages acute problems only, such as:

Elective problems (arthritis, tendonitis, Dupuytrens, carpal tunnel etc) are managed initially through the private rooms of the affiliated consultants.

The clinic is multi-disciplinary, consisting of:

For Patients

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This is not a "walk-in" service. All Patients require a referral, which can easily be made by your GP or Emergency Department. Unfortunately, due to the busy nature of the clinic, if you turn up without an appointment we will probably not be able to see you.

It is important that you arrive at the Hand Clinic at 8:00am to be reviewed by the Hand Team. Recently we have had an increasing numbers of referrals which means you should be prepared to spend most of the morning at the clinic.

Once reviewed you will either:

We can sometimes offer same-day surgery, admitting you straight from the clinic to the pre-operative ward. You are asked to FAST FROM MIDNIGHT to be ready for this. Fasting means that you must have NOTHING TO EAT OR DRINK (no food or fluids) including water, lollies, chewing gum, etc.

Patients who need to have an operation and be discharged on the same day:

At times there can be changes / delays to your operation or admission date - every effort is made to prevent this from occurring.

The Hand Clinic Building is located outside the main Fairfield Hospital Building on Level 1(lower level), open Monday to Friday. On weekends, you will be seen at Ward 2C Ambulatory Care - Level 2 of Fairfield Hospital (Note: The Main Entrance to Fairfield Hospital is located on Level 2).

Fairfield Hospital
Cnr Prairievale Road and Polding Street PRAIRIEWOOD NSW 2176

Tel: 9616 8111

Fax: 9616 8240

For Referring Doctors

Multi-trauma patients or those with life-threatening injuries should be directed to Liverpool trauma team initially. All other hand injuries will be seen in Fairfield, there being no hand service remaining in Liverpool.

To arrange a trauma referral please contact the on-call hand registrar through Fairfield Hospital Switch on 9616 8111.

During working hours, patients will be seen the same day in SWS Hand Centre (or asked to attend the following morning’s Hand Clinic).

After hours, patients with urgent problems will be directed to either Fairfield or Liverpool ED for review.

Patients with less urgent problems will be asked to attend the trauma clinic the following day. This is held in the Hand Centre, from 0800, everyday. They should be fasted, and have made arrangements for a possible same-day operation.

Kindly note, patients cannot be seen in the Hand Centre without a prior phone call.

Patients with elective, non-trauma related problems, are seen through the rooms of the VMO's affiliated with the Unit: